Know The General Terms

Bead Cuts 

Briolette Cut - The cut which is equal to every side of the bead 

Concave Cut - A machine cutting with very high brilliance 

Micro Faceted - A cut with a very small faceted to give the maximum brilliance 

Hand Cut - Regular cut which is done by hand without any tool 

Smooth Polish - No facets, only plain polished surface

Weight and Quantity 

Beads Strands - A line of beads, which is strung on cotton thread 

Beads Layout - A selection of beads that is ready to make jewelry

Carats - This is a value of the weight and in one gram there is 5 carat  

Drill Type 

SD - Side Drill (Left to Right) 

TD - Top Drill (Top to Bottom) 

FD - Front Drill (Front to Back) 

HD - Half Drill (Approx. 3mm From Top) 

CD - Center Drill (Left to Right from middle) 

Quality Explain 

AAA - Super Fine Quality

AA - Very Good Quality

A - Good Quality 

B - Average Quality

**Please always read item descriptions carefully before you buy, so that you will know what exactly you will receive.

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