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One of the leading manufacturers of gemstones & beads, located in Jaipur, India. We are the exporter and wholesaler of striking loose gemstones and beads. The gemstones and beads manufacturing is done by our own craftsmen representing the brilliance in every piece at our own site. Moreover, we also deal in bulk buying of gemstones and beads from the local small/medium craftsmen who manufacture gemstones and beads with low overhead expenses. This lets-us to maintain our Low-Price level in the global scenario.

Whether we make, buy or sell any stone or bead, all is being made at Jaipur, India itself. You can find the whole range of gemstones and beads at JBC’s WebStore. Here, you get a direct access to an exclusive collection of gemstones and beads at the most acceptable wholesale prices. At our WebStore our clients get to choose between a varied collection of gemstones and beads including faceted stones, cabochons, smooth-faceted beads, briolettes, nuggets, chips, fancy shapes and carvings.

Our online wholesale WebStore provides a user-friendly environment to both novice as well as experienced gemstone and bead shoppers. We exhibit the leading range of gemstones and beads over the internet to provide convenience to the buyers including online/offline bead stores, craft-suppliers, custom jewelry makers and designers, beaded craft makers, wholesale gemstones and beads buyers or businesses dealing with gemstones and beads supply and other bulk buyers or people into jewelry business.

We are known for our quality offered and services rendered to you. We are proud to offer a more robust and secure site to our clients and the best customer experience in the online loose gemstones and beads industry. Don’t take a chance to miss the opportunity of having a direct access to the world famous Jaipur Gemstones and Beads.

We invite you to shop at our Online WebStore to receive the finest top-quality gemstones and beads at unbeatable prices!

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