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Clarity is defined as the degree to which the stone is free of inclusions. Unlike a shape, size, or weight, the factor of clarity is not as easy to determine. Clarity ranges from Beads that appear perfect under a 10X magnifier (called flawless) to those which show a major number of flaws to the unaided eye. In between are gemstones that are called "eye clean" which we usually call "EC". The more expensive the gemstone type, the more clarity faults or flaws are acceptable. An emerald with flaws visible to the unaided eye is acceptable; a garnet with such flaws might not be.

Below is a scale that defines the Clarity grading of Gemstone Beads at JaipurBeads.com!

FI - Free of Inclusions

EC - Eye Clean

VSI - Very Slight Inclusions

SI - Slight Inclusions

MI - Moderately Included

HI - Heavily Included

EI - Exclusively Included


As like the same clarity, the color factor is also slightly difficult to determine because it applies according to the stone like all colorless gemstones such as silver topaz or diamonds, should be as colorless as possible and colored gemstones should have that color as rich as possible. In almost all cases of faceted, colored gemstones, the color should be as deep as possible without being opaque.

Below is the scale, which defines the Color grading of Gemstone Beads at JaipurBeads.com!

AAA - Excellent

AA - Very Good

A - Good

LS - Light Shade

VLS - Very Light Shade

Quality Grading

Below is the scale, which defines the Overall Quality of Gemstone Beads at JaipurBeads.com!

AAA - Super Fine Quality

AA - Very Good Quality

A - Good Quality

B - Average Quality

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