Blue Chalcedony Beads 

Blue Chalcedony is a stone from the Chalcedony group, this stone is from the quartz family. Blue Chalcedony is usually Blue in colour, the reason behind the blue colour of this stone is because of a non-natural practice which is dyeing and heating. Blue Chalcedony has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Blue Chalcedony is generally found in Namibia, Turkey and Montana. 

Blue Chalcedony is being extracted since 2500 BC. Blue Chalcedony was named after the old greek port city of  Chalcedon which is now known as the city of Kadikoy. Blue Chalcedony also has many different metaphysical properties, it is believed that Blue Chalcedony helps in imparting mental flexibility and verbal dexterity. Blue Chalcedony also helps in stimulating the ability to learn new things and enhancing the memory of it's owner.

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